Cro-Mags (NYHC legends!) +tba

Wann: Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2023 21:00 Uhr

Wo: Hafenklang, Hamburg

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Cro-Mags (NYHC legends!) +tba

CRO-MAGS // NYHC legends Cro-Mags 2022 epic summer tour took the band to 55 shows in 13 countries, where they smashed through a setlist featuring songs from the entire Cro-Mags catalogue: from AoQ, Best Wishes, Alpha Omega, Revenge, In the Beginning and 2020. From club gigs to Hellfest and Rebellion Fest, Cro-Mags did not disappoint no matter the size of the venue. Making it clear that Cro-Mags crosses from Punk to Hardcore to Thrash to Metal, Cro-Mags fans of all kinds came out in full effect in 2022. With rythm Dominic DeBenedetto and lead Hector Guzman a/k/a Gooz and along with Gman on drums and Harley's infamous bass / vocal combo unlike anyother (besides Lemmy),"tight As Fuck" was the most heard description of what fans saw and experienced. Oh, and Gman died ... litearlly in Parma, Italy- where his heart stoppped fro 5 minutes in an ambulance, and was then resuciated, only to complete the last 7 shows of the tour just 5 days later!!! The band will hit the road once more in 2022 in the US and head back into the studio to complete new music already underway later this month. Fans can expect to hear something new before the end of the year along with other band news that will put some lingering issues top bed once and for all. 2023 will see Cro-Mags new music, and some other surprises, along with an epic documentary deep in production about the life and times of Harley Flanagan, directed by critically acclaimed director/ cinematographer Rex Miller (Citizen Ashe, 2022). (CRO-MAGS Live at Hellfest 2022// Arte TV)Einlass: 20:00 Uhr

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Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2023
21:00 Uhr


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