Zur Klappe x Institut für Zukunft x Uebel & Gefaehrlich


Bild: Uebel & Gefährlich von innen

© Johannes Leistner

The Gathering pt. 1
After a long journey of love, sweat and tears the heartys from three heart clubs beatin 'em up together - spontaneous it starts in Oktober in hearty city Hamburg.
After lots of releases on labels like Panzerkreuz, The Trilogy Tapes, Ekman released his heavy, experimental, breaky acid album "Primus Motor" which is one of the most fascinating electro records this year - released January 2018 - we're really happy that we'll have him his first time in the old bunker Uebel und Gefährlich alongside one of our favorite Residents from the lovely Institut fuer Zukunft : FAQ, also OSKAR. who is one of old youngsters of Hamburgs underground techno scene. Last but not least: Matvrak one of the two Zur Klappe residents - its gonna be a hot night (who is the other one of two?)
Same time - same Building we gotta Haus Rooftop - classy Klappe style

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Uebel & Gefährlich - weitere Veranstaltungen