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R2D2, C-3PO, Maria, Data, Nummer 5, Wall-E, Chappie — reality is drawing ever closer to the future visions of robots familiar from science fiction movies. They are no longer mere fantasies of crazed filmmakers. Increasingly, robotics & advanced automation are permeating every area of life — including aviation. That’s why we have made them the topic of our flagship event, ZAL Innovation Days 2019.
Robots in the aviation sector — what does the future hold? Aircraft manufacturers have full order books. Innovative technologies are revolutionising production; many aspects are simply inconceivable today without robots. But the challenges in the aviation sector differ from those in other industries for various reasons, including the especially large and complex structures, the high levels of precision required and the low production numbers.
ZAL Innovation Days 2019 will therefore be dedicated on the enormous potential and the impact of Robotics & Advanced Automation in aviation, looking at the subject from two perspectives:
Human-machine collaboration
Automated & autonomous robots
We are thrilled to invite you to attend this event at the ZAL TechCenter, one of the world’s most modern civil aviation research facilities.
ZAL Innovation Days 2019 27 – 28 February ZAL TechCenter, Hamburg, Germany
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