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Wreck and Reference is an experimental duo based in Los Angeles, California. Their sound is characterized by experimentation with a wide variety of vocal styles over electronic instrumentation, composed of samples and synthesizers, and acoustic drums. The group has been closely associated with San Francisco-based record label The Flenser.
Wreck and Reference (sometime stylized Wreck & Reference or W&R) begun as a garage project in Davis, CA in 2009. The band began drawing mainstream attention after the release of the Youth LP and the Content EP (pronounced "No Youth" and "No Content") in 2012. In 2014 their second full length Want was met with some critical acclaim and featured on "The Best Metal Albums of 2014" list by Pitchfork. Want was followed by a 75 track online-only release of the samples used to create the electronic instrumentals on the record. In 2016, the duo released their third album "Indifferent Rivers Romance End".
Common themes on the albums include depression, anxiety, and pessimism, drawing influence largely from personal events, philosophy, and literature.
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