Workshop #1 HAMBURG: Online Recruiting with Linkedin

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How to use Linkedin for Recruiting #ProEditionSchedule2pm-2:45pm Job ad creation and how reach the right people with your company profileSession 1: Do the right candidates apply to your job ad and is it in the right place so that interested candidates can see it? In this session you will get some new input on what to put into your job ad and where to place it on linkedin, xing and special tech platforms so the right candidates will see it!
2:45pm-3:30pm Active sourcing - where to search and howSession 2: You want special high profile employees that might not be found via usual job postings? Time to actively find them yourself via linkedin & xing. Where do you search for which talent? Are there special hacks to get what you want? How do I see if the candidate is a fit? Our headhunting experts from Elephant HR will teach you their best practice methods. Talent Mining, Profile Mining, Referral Sourcing or Harvesting will never be a problem again.
3:30pm-4:00pm NETWORKING BreakTake a short BREAK and use the time to get to know some new people! Meet the speakers and have some quality-one-on-one talk.
4:00pm-4:45pm How to contact people & how your own linkedin profile should look like to get answersSession 3: You already found some candidates you really like and would fit in your company? That's great, but how do you want to write them properly? Good communication is the key, especially online. Learn step by step how your presence should look like at linkedin or xing and how you convince people to work for your business.
4:45pm-5:15pm short BREAKTake another short break and have some good quality talks.
5:15pm-6:00pm Talent acquisition from abroad Session 4: You found your perfect candidates and they absolutely want to work for you, but there is this small visa problem? The guys from Berlin Partner will come to show their best secret hacks to get things done and also welcome the new joiners warmly!

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