Symposium on pay in the 21st century: A 360° perspective

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The symposium aims to present a variety of perspectives on pay in organizations. Doing so, we seek to pave the way for leading an evidence-based discussion on the role of pay for future work and organizations. The different perspectives will include the theoretical as well as practical determinants, evidence on the effectiveness of pay-for-performance as well as its potential collateral damages, and the role of pay in shaping short-term behavior as well as long-term organizational culture.
The speaker forum of the symposium will take place from 3.30 to 5.30 pm with the following speakersProf. Jason D. Shaw (Shaw Foundation Chair in Business, Nanyang Business School) will speak on the science of performance-based pay including insights from his international research project IMPACT (Investigating Merit Pay Across Countries and Territories)
Daniel Gläser (PhD candidate, KLU Hamburg, consultant at RE:SOUL) will highlight the collateral damages of pay-for-performance
Lena Riedel (Regional Compensation & Benefits Manager, Kühne + Nagel) will provide a practical view on the subjectivity of pay-for-performance
Dr. Yvonne Garbers (PostDoc, Christian Albrechts University zu Kiel) will focus on the effectiveness of team-based rewards
Thomas Haussmann (Korn Ferry Hay Group) will sum up the symposium with an outlook on the future of performance-based payIn the second part of the symposium, we invite you to a research reception from 5.30 to 6.30 pm. Prof. Shaw and all other researchers will be approachable during this reception to facilitate focused and individualized discussions on specific aspects of pay as well as opportunities for creating research-based evidence. There will also be the opportunity to further discuss the global IMPACT project. As not all participants may be able to attend the research reception due to space constraints, please indicate if you want to participate in the research reception when registering for the symposium.

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