Spiritczualic Enhancement Center & Liquid Brain Orchestra


Ein Sonntag Abend mit Hi-Fi-Kraut:
SPIRITCZUALIC ENHANCEMENT CENTER feiern die Vinyl Veröffentlichung von ihrem in Hamburg aufgenommenen Album "Me And My Students Have Reached Higher Levels", welches am 21.11 auf dem pariser AKUPHONE Label erscheint.
Zur Verstärkung wurde das LIQUID BRAIN ORCHESTRA eingeladen, welches mit ihrem Konzert auf der Fusion einen großen Eindruck hinterlassen hat.
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SPIRITCZUALIC (“cz” borrowed from the Polish / t / hard “tch”) - a word-melange of “ritczualic” and spiritual, reflects upon the ancient practice of musical ritualism. As an idea, it greatly predates the physical occurrence of the ENHANCEMENT CENTER - on Christmas 2017, when an Ottoman building below the Gates of Jerusalem provided itself for a remarkable meeting. The trespassing people who happened to be there - admittingly bizarre participants synchronized by state-of-mind rather than tune or scale - began exploring sonic sessions of do-it-yourself mysticism. Witnesses of its ritualistic gatherings have indeed reported moments of divination - and possibly sorcery. This raises the question, will the audience once again behold the allurement of Higher Sources - or rather testify to trickery.
LIQUID BRAIN ORCHESTRA's goal is to maintain genuine expression and exitement in sound exploration, parting ways with idioligies and taste. This takes us far from "perfection" but keeps it all the more interesting, at least for ourselves. If you see us live you may hear something you've heard before as nothing is sacred and everything will be butchered, the good, the bad and the ugly. As Coltrane once said: "If you enter the unknown you can't plan for it, you can only prepare".
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr

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