Bild: MS Stubnitz

© MS Stubnitz / Carl

The Pirates from Zenon Records and Soupherb Records met in the jungles of Siolim in Goa and hatched a plan to take over the MS Stubnitz. They send some of their best sailors for this operation to bring their underground sounds to the shores of Germany.
Lineup in alphabetical order:
( Main acts will be announced shortly )
Ash Roy [ Soupherb | Calcutta | Berlin ]
Breger [ Soupherb | Siolim | Essen ]
brojanowski [ Soupherb | Zenon | Hamburg ]
Dsompa [ Believe Lab | Hamburg ]
Javis [ Soupherb | Bremen ]
Josephine Wedekind [ Digital Structures | Berlin ]
Philip Bardez [ Soupherb | Hamburg ]
Reduzida [ Soupherb Hamburg )
Surreal [ Soupherb | Hamburg ]
Doors: 23:55
Entry: 14
2 Floors
Funktion One Soundsystem
More acts to be announced soon
We do not tolerate nationalistic, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise discriminating behavior. Come and consume, but do not come to consume.
special thanks go to Brojanowski for the fantastic artwork and to Janny for the Funktion One sound system!
Einlass: 23:55 Uhr

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