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NYC s rare and inimitable talent New Optimism (aka Japanese musician Miho Hatori, co-founder of the beloved Cibo Matto and a collaborative partner of Gorillaz, The Beastie Boys, John Zorn etc.) New Optimism is Miho s newest project, a vivid, unpredictable and technicolour sonic palette that shapeshifts mercurially around grooving basslines, subtle electronica, leftfield sound explorations and playful experimental pop. New Optimism can be seen as a natural landing point for Miho s past musical journeys - strange and wonderful, encompassing pop, experimental, hip-hop and dance music: her work with Beck s backing musicians may have contributed to the brightly-coloured avant-soul of Amazon To LeFrak; her time as a Gorillaz member (Miho was the voice of cartoon band-member Noodles) offers a window into the intelligent, mischievous pop songwriting heard in New Optimism s structure-toying and Miho s infectious singing voice. The strains of Caribbean/Brasilo-beat littered through the record are evidence of Miho s fascination with Latin music and follow her curveball 2003 bossanova duet album with Smokey Hormel. The additional production credits of ex-Vampire Weekend member Rostam [Batmanglij] enter the mix as noise-driven synth lines and bubbling percussion.
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