Mirrors for Psychic Warfare, Sanford Parker


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Mirrors for Psychic Warfare (Scott Kelly [Neurosis] & Sanford Parker [Buried at Sea]) & Sanford Parker Solo & support TBA – Welcome aboard the Culture Ark!

Mirrors For Psychic Warfare is Scott Kelly (Founding member of Neurosis, Corrections House, Shrinebuilder, The Road Home, Blood Caldera, River Of Madness, Tribes of Neurot, and co-owner of Neurot Recordings) and Sanford Parker (Minsk, Buried at Sea, Nachtmystium, Corrections House).

Scott Kelly about the project:
“Mirrors for Psychic Warfare is an experiment in noise, silence, restraint and aggression in all shapes and forms. I am very much looking forward to the open minds that will allow this in.”

- https://www.neurotrecordings.com/full-roster/mirrors-for-psychic-warfare
- https://mirrorsforpsychicwarfare.bandcamp.com/


Sanford Parker’s body of work should not be considered as a collection of loose sheets. Such an oeuvre would be approaching the dimensions of a phone book that could crush a cockroach without any difficulty. It’s not easy to narrow it down to just a few highlights. Let’s put it this way: anyone who has lowered their ear into the chasm of sound between metal and industrial in the last ten to fifteen years will most likely have come into contact with Parker’s work. Perhaps through the bands and projects in which he is or has been involved as a musician: the doom-prophesying powerhouse Buried At Sea, the extreme-sound fraternization Corrections House, the doom/post-metal shamans Minsk, the black-metal junkies Nachtmystium, etc. Or maybe via the sheer volume of the releases to which he skilfully brought his very own toxic sound as a producer or sound technician. In this capacity, the name-dropping begins with Pelican, Eyehategod, Rwake, and Voivod and carries on far beyond YOB, Lair Of The Minotaur, and Woven Hand. In many cases (Minsk, Nachtmystium, Corrections House, Twilight, YOB, Blood Ceremony), he even combined the two areas of activity in an interdisciplinary radicalization of sound both through the amps and behind the mixing desk.

- http://www.myproudmountain.com/artists/sanford-parker/
- https://sanfordparker.bandcamp.com/album/sanford-parker-lash-back


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