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Nu Jazz from Greece Melentini is a singer-songwriter, musician (trumpet, piano, synths) and performer established in Berlin . In 2012 the Running Blue Orchestra were formed in Athens as her own live band and a few months later she released her first personal album "Explosions Around, The Desert inside" on restless wind. Her work received enthusiastic reviews and was selected by journalists in the best 10 Greek albums of the year. Her song "gone are the days" was selected among the best songs from around the world for March 2013 by the Guardian.Uk. Later in 2016, her EP "Λεωφόρος Εφιαλτών /Leoforos Efialton, an independent work in Greek was out, selfreleased. Her songwriting is influenced by a variety of musical genres, including nu jazz, avant-garde, ambient and electronic music, and incorporates references to afro-soul, Irish folk songs, Balkan lullabies and more. Due to her unusual voice and exceptional songwriting she has been characterised as a unique case of musical phenomenon by critics. Melentini has collaborated with various artists and has written the scores for shortfilms, theatre and dance videos. In 2016 she collaborated with legendary producer Steve Jansen (Japan) on his album Tender Extinction. Furthermore, she has composed the soundtrack for the internatioanally awarded feature film AFTERLOV/ ΑΦΤΕΡΛΩΒ of director Stergios Paschos. The official video for her song Asana/metamorphosis from the new, 2nd LP ZRSHA;fundus uterus was created by 6th finger studio under the artistic direction of Evelyn Bencicova and was nominated at the Berlin Music Video Awards. Her new album -ZRSHA;FUNDUS UTERUS- was released in 2018 on united we fly record label with music producer Richard König. "Melentini remains the most ethereal creature in the Greek music scene, while her music carries all the weight of human existence: Bat for Lashes, Björk and Kate Bush would have been proud of their sowing." Marianna Vassiliou,
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