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Just thinking about this is stressy! But, as Germans say, „da muss man durch!“ Mark wants you to go through it with him. Don’t stress yourselves, but think about:
Who is most ´stressgefährdet´?
How do Germans and Brits deal differently with stress?
Why are the Germans always ´unter Strom?‘
Is there truth in the saying „Tee regt an, Kaffee regt auf?“
What are the ‚Konsequenzen‘?
Why are Germans obsessed by stress.
How effective is Stress Training´?
Which Stressfaktoren‘ do Germans demonstrate at work?
And how would Brits react?
Why is Feierabend‘ more stressy than Arbeit‘?
How effective are the German Freiheitsstressbewältigungsmaßnahmen‘? and is it possible to get a Freiheitsstressbewältigungsmaßnahmenweiterbildungsmeisterprüfungszertifikat‘?
Which causes more stress - being online or offline?
Or on and offline?
Why do we like likes‘?
Why do we find lack of likes‘ stressy?
Would the simplest solution to stress be a world without people?
To paraphrase the French existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre: „Hell is other people“. Or to quote Gabi at the Tankstelle: „wenn alle Dummen knallen würden, hätten wir das ganze Jahr Silvester!“
Yours stressfully
Mark Lyndon

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