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Hi friends! Have you always been buying cards for peoples birthdays, engagement, baby shower and Holidays and you would like to actually start making some cards on your own? Have you always wondered how to do handlettering and watercoloring? Look no further :D, in this workshop, you will learn the basics of handlettering, tips and tricks, a couple of watercolor techniques and to combine both techniques to create some awesome cards!
WHERE: Cafe May in St Pauli (please feel free to bring a bit of cash to order some yummy drinks and snacks at the cafe)
WHEN: Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 - 19:00
WHY: Learn handlettering and watercolour basics and meet new friends!
COST: 20 euros - Participants can use all our materials to make as many cards as they wish to
See you there!
Jackie - Creative Nights

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Mittwoch, 07.11.2018
19:00 Uhr bis 22:00 Uhr