FUSK und Janning Trumann New York Quartet „October Meeting“


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Kasper Tom - dr
Andreas Lang - b
Tomasz Dabrowski - tr
Rudi Mahall - bcl
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Musik: https://soundcloud.com/fusk-music/
Info: https://www.whyplayjazz.de/fusk
Pressestimmen über FUSK:
This album is a superb example of contemporary modern European Jazz developed and created by a young generation of greatly talented individuals who are lucky to grow up in the affluent borderless Europe, which enables a much wider access to musical education and international cooperation than just a few decades earlier. These young musicians are able to size the moment and exploit this new reality, which results in an explosion of young international groups playing Jazz and Improvised Music all over the continent. Christiansen, who has been recoding music both as a leader and a sideman for several years before forming FUSK, established his position as one of the leaders of this new European scene, playing extensively with Scandinavian, German, Polish and other young musicians and additionally developing his skills as a composer, which came to full fruition with FUSK. Here he presents his most adventurous works and the quartet turned out to be an ideal vehicle for exploring his music. He is one of the relatively few drummers, who are bandleaders and principal composers in their ensembles. As a team Christiansen and Lang are one of the strongest and most imaginative rhythm sections on the European scene and this album is full of wonderful examples of their telepathic interplay. Supported by such an excellent rhythm section the two soloists are able to spread their wings and explore the freedom of improvisation in full. Both Gropper and Mahall gently weave their lush structures, both individually and collectively, creating a highly aesthetic whole. Overall this is an exciting and wonderful album from start to finish, full of surprises and one that keeps the listener on his toes from start to finish. Considering the fact that it is a debut recording, the result is even more commendable. Well done indeed!Adam Baruch, adambaruch.com FUSK defines its own freedom, between contrapuntal springboard melodies, sometimes bordering on serial techniques, and catchy themes that employ hard-swinging rhythms, joint improvisations and expressive deconstruction of patterns, all performed with passionate playfulness and wise irony....playful interplay, true to the spirit of this excellent quartet... Funny, inventive and provocative.
Eyal Hareuveni - All About Jazz
Leader Kasper Tom C. has managed to found a quartet utterly distinguished by the personalities of the players. . . and Kasper's energetic, rollicking vision of how a band can swing wildly and be filled with outside expressiveness throughout.This new album is even better than the last. Listen and you will be transported to a Super Kasper-land, a very good place to be indeed. Gregg Applegate, Gapplegate Music Review"Vital, furiøs, underfundig, kreativ, livsnærende og festlig musik." Super Kasper by Bjarne Søltoft, Jazz Special"Christiansen is one of the most prolific young European Jazz personalities in the last decade" Adam Baruch / The Soundtrack Of My Life
Danish drummer Kasper Tom Christiansen is one of the most interesting composers in the vibrant Danish jazz scene. As many other like-minded composers in this scene, he does not bind himself to the jazz legacy. His distinct musical personality references elements of contemporary music, and free improvisation. His compositions often bend catchy melodies into complex structures, while playing with seriousness. He challenges with odd segments and constantly attempts to push the boundaries without forgetting formative legacies. Impressive performances of demanding and challenging compositions.
All About Jazz
Janning Trumann New York Quartet
feat. Drew Gress, Dierk Peters & Jochen Rueckert
Be Here, Gone & Nowhere
Mit Be Here, Gone and Nowhere reflektiert der Kölner Posaunist Janning Trumann seine Zeit
im Big Apple und liefert ein vielbeachtetes Debut ab. Die Stücke, geprägt von klarer Struktur
und einer entspannten Gradlinigkeit, wirken allesamt, als ob er sie den Musikern seines New
York Quartetts auf den Leib geschrieben hat.
Und um Musik im Ergebnis so vollständig klingen zu lassen braucht es eine veritable Band –
was liegt da näher, als sich einfach mal vor der eigenen Haustür umzuschauen: Bassist Drew
Gress gehörte zu Trumanns Dozenten an der New York University, mit Vibraphonist Dierk
Peters verbindet ihn eine musikalische Vergangenheit aus Kölner Zeiten und den in
Manhattan ansässigen Drummer Jochen Rueckert hat er in den Clubs der Jazzmetropole
„…an uncommon sound that’s capable of great warmth…“ DOWNBEAT 08/2018
Janning Trumann – trombone
Drew Gress – double bass
Dierk Peters – vibes
Jochen Rueckert – drums

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