Forrest Yoga Workshop


Forrest Yoga Workshop mit Chantal Hauser
4. November 2017
Saturday 15:00 17:30 Uhr
Space: Hips, Pelvic Floor & Core (Inversions)
Are you ready to breathe, open and feel into your pelvic floor? We will work with strengthening your legs and move everything around the waist and the core to find openness and strength in your center. We will also work with the wall and use a few inversions to find comfort and breath while upside down! This class will definitely make you feel grounded and strong. Be adventurous about the space you can create for yourself.
Open to all levels!
5. November 2017
Sunday 13:00 15:30 Uhr
Freedom: Shoulders, Neck, Small Backbends (Inversions)
Let go of weight and responsibilities and find space in between your shoulder blades. Working with the Forrest Yoga roll, Dolphin variations and incorporating twists will guide us to find freedom in our spine. We will use the wall to find relaxation in the neck and strength in the shoulder area. Deep and healing breath is
the foundation for releasing tension all around the upper back, come to this class and leave light and free.
Open to all levels!
One Session: 45 Euro
Two Sessions: 80 Euro
About Forrest Yoga:
Forrest Yoga was created by Ana Forrest over 30 years ago for the modern day body and mind. She is still evolving this healing style of yoga. The practice is challenging and deep with long holds in postures. Modifications are given to suit all levels of students. Forrest Yoga teaches you how to build strength, work with injuries, and connect more fully to your breath, in a safe way. Everything you need to help you detox, oxygenate, and heal! All levels are welcome.
About Chantal:
A non-native New Yorker Chantal was born in Zurich, raised in the Swiss Mountains and grew up in New York City. Yoga has saved her life on more than one occasion.
Through and with the practice and the teaching of yoga she has found peace within.
Having struggled with depression, addiction and not feeling good enough she says; Yoga makes me understand, makes me breathe, and makes me grow. Learn more about Chantal: and her yoga community Facebook/Instagram: Chantal Hauser @chantalhauseryoga and hanuman shala @hanumanshala.

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