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Would you like to challenge the way you think about and manage your work? Are you tired of shallow "agile" implementations and would love to explore different ways of thinking about agility?
In this 2 day Business Agility Workshop you will use the advanced Okaloa Flowlab simulations to engage the intuitive as well as the rational brain while learning about the foundations of business agility.
Who is the workshop targeted at?
The workshop is intended for agile coaches and practitioners who want to engage business as well as IT (including decision makers) in their agile initiatives.
The workshop is a prerequisite for coaches and trainers who want to use Okaloa Flowlab in their own trainings and workshops.
People of all functions and all levels in the organization have participated in Okaloa Flowlab workshops with a high level of engagement and learning, changing the way they think about and manage their work.
Learning Outcomes
After attending the workshop, you will be able toCoach teams not only from a practices point of view but from Flow, Collaboration and Learning as cornerstones of business agility.
Use Okaloa Flowlab to coach teams on their path to agility.
Recognise the different challenges of agile portfolio management and being able to offer hands-on, beyond the obvious solutions to deal with those different challenges in different contexts.What do we mean by Business Agility?Business agility is more than scaling agile (development) practices. It is more than the sum of different organizational units that each implement their own chosen agile method on their own little island, constrained by a traditional management system. Nor is it a top-down imposed one-size-fits-all big agile model that fits everybody and nobody. It is a different way of thinking about agility.
New ways of teaching and coaching agility that engages and mobilizes all levels of the organization (including decision makers) across all functions (not just IT or software development).
A different way of thinking about change where agility spreads virally through the (informal) network.
Agile thinking at scale to develop unique capabilities to thrive in an ever-changing and highly competitive business landscape:
ENTERPRISE FLOW that balances supply with demand from team to portfolio level
NETWORKED COLLABORATION where highly engaged teams work, decide and learn together in a network
ORGANISATIONAL LEARNING where experience and experiment complement each other
The content of the workshop
Explore flow, collaboration and learning as core agile capabilities as opposed to methods and practices that do not scale
Learn how to use simulation as a way of teaching and coaching the core agile capabilities in a way that inspires action not just talk
Experience how to teach agility at all levels and across all functions (not just IT) in the organisation
Learn about enterprise flow, networked collaboration and organizational learning as the core capabilities for business agility
Use simulation to explore scaling problems including cross-team dependencies and balancing demand with supply in end-to-end flow
Explore the use of Customer Kanban to manage capacity downstream, and triage and order points to shape demand upstream. Apply what has been learned in the context of agile portfolio management.

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