Bragolin (NL) + HAPAX (IT)


Bragolin (nl)
... is a post-punk / wave band from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The band is led by songwriter/singer/guitarist Edwin van der Velde, with Maria Karssenberg on guitar and organ. Their music is a mixture of baritone and shoegaze guitars, organs, synths, drummachines and touching vocals with horror movie inspired lyrics.

HAPAX (it)
The actual release "Monade" is based on the dramatic idea that there is a hopeless gap between words and reality and that each attempt to speak triggers a distressing conceptual catch. Language deconstruction unhinged the modern man from faith in words, conceived as expression of the Absolute Truth. World coordinates become then unclear: we can either anchor in the past and look outside through the deforming lens of memory, or turn ourselves to the vision of a comforting but fictional Eternity.
This third release is a work about the impossibility to communicate, since communication is just an artifact of the so-called “real”. And still Monade keeps endlessly playing with the foolish (auto)illusion of its possibility.
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