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Energy is vital for us, for our society. Sustainable, low carbon energy generation, efficient transmission and transformation as well as high capacity, low cost and long lasting energy storage are still key challenges, that need to be fully addressed. To become better at solving those challenges, we need to understand how objects and materials function on a fundamental level but also in a system with a number of constraints such as mechanical and temperature. We need to evaluate new materials, visualise parts during operation, look for failure points etc.. By using specialist high energy radiation such as X-Rays from synchrotrons or particles such as electrons, neutrons, muons and observe their interactions with materials or objects, we can better understanding underlying behaviour and we can use that knowledge to optimise energy systems. Europe has a number of Research Infrastructures and experts that can support companies in their R&D for example DESY, the ERICs and CERICs, Rutherford Appleton Laboratories and many more which can support R&D in these areas and can result in game changing products.
The event is aimed at industry in the energy sector and will communicate how the different tools and probes may be useful for industrial R&D. It is also aimed at academics that are interested in the challenges that industry faces and want to work with industry on finding solutions. The event is part of the EU funded project Accelerate, supporting the long-term sustainability of large scale research infrastructures (RIs)
During our event we will introduce companies to a breadth of technologies that are available to them through a number of European institutions, provide examples on how it has been used and what has been achieved. We will inform you on how you can access those facilities and what funding support, local, national and EU, might be available.
Areas that we will cover are energy storage, generation, transmission and conversion.
We have a number of experts which will be available to you during the day and who you can talk to discuss your problems/ ideas.
Agenda available soon

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