Will Orchard & Jess Kerber, USA

Freitag, 17.09.2021 20:00 Fischhalle Harburg

Fischhalle Harburg
Fischhalle Harburg

Will Orchard is an artist from the Northeastern US. His songs combine authentic folk songcraft with sonic experimentation, and provoke reflection and vulnerability. Will Orchard began exploring his artistry with a project called LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike.

Characterized by unstoppable prolificacy and colorful lo-fi arrangements, his early recordings led him to touring the DIY spaces of the Eastern US. This was followed by a transformation in which Will released his first record under his own name, titled Old Friends on the Mountain. Combining Americana sensibilities with delicate electronics, he presented a concise and vulnerable work. He now seeks to both honor and shatter his past work with his new record, I Reached My Hand Out. Produced by Allen Tate of San Fermin, the record uses bolder instrumentalism, and highlights Will‘s sense of trust, given more freely than any past work. I Reached My Hand Out is available via Better Company Records.


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Termine der Veranstaltung

Freitag, 17.09.2021


Fischhalle Harburg
Kanalplatz 16
21079 Hamburg - Harburg
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