The IGNORANT TOUR - Steve Ignorant Full band performing CRASS songs + support: Headsticks (Punk, UK)

Freitag, 14.10.2022 21:00 Hafenklang

Ann-Katrin Weber
The IGNORANT TOUR - Steve Ignorant Full band performing CRASS songs<br /> <br /> Once more Steve will go on tour to perform CRASS songs 1977-1984 and Ignorant Classics with his band: Carol Hodge (vocals & keys), Pete Wilson (lead guitar), Pete Rawlinson (bass guitar) and Jay Bagnall (drums).<br /> <br /> Steve Ignorant is a singer/songwriter and artist. He co-founded the anarcho-punk band CRASS with Penny Rimbaud in 1977. When CRASS finished he played in various bands and is currently performing with his own band Steve Ignorants Slice Of Life.<br /> <br /> After the huge success of performing CRASS songs & Anarcho Classics at The Last Supper Tour in 2010-11 and high profile gigs with Paranoid Visions (Rockfest, Quebec 2016; Rebellion Fest, UK 2017; Japan 2018; Punk Rock Bowling, USA 2018; Montreal 77, Canada 2018), Steve will once more go on a World Tour.<br /> <br /> The political and lyrical ideas of CRASS are even more relevant today as they were then and will be performed with the same intensity of those days. <br /> <br /> All shows will have visuals (where venues have the facilities) and samples. <br /> <br /> The entire CRASS Catalogue has been remastered and reissued through One Little Indian this April, which has intensified the interest in CRASS and what it stands for.<br /> <br /> Steve Ignorant will be performing CRASS songs 1977-1984 with some Ignorant Classics with his band: Carol Hodge (vocals and keys) & Pete Wilson (Lead guitar) both played at The Last Supper Tour. Pete Rawlinson (Bass guitar), who together with Steve & Carol & Pete W are the Steve Ignorants Slice Of Life band. Jay Bagnall (Drums), drummer of Paranoid Visions, who played with Steve when performing the CRASS songs & Anarcho Classics.<br /> <br /> Steve Ignorant<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <br /> + Headsticks (Punk, UK)<br />

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Freitag, 14.10.2022


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