Stress! An evening with Mark Lyndon in Reinbek Castle

Mittwoch, 26.10.2022 19:00 bis 20:30 Schloss Reinbek

Mark Lyndon
Mark Lyndon

Just thinking about this is stressy! But, as Germans say, "Da muss man durch", Mark Lyndon wants you to go through it with him. How do Germans and Brits deal differently with stress? Why are Germans obsessed by stress? How effective ist Stress Training? Which Stressfaktoren do Germans demonstrate at work? And how would Brits react? Why is Feierabend more stressy than Arbeit? Which causes more stress - being online or offline? And finally: would the simplest solution to stress be a world without people?

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Termine der Veranstaltung

Mittwoch, 26.10.2022
19:00 bis 20:30 Uhr


Schloss Reinbek
Schloßstraße 5
21465 Reinbek
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