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Simone Scardovelli

27.10.2021, 7 PM (open doors 6.30 PM) – Anne Schönharting, The Heritage* | Talk | M.Bassy | in German language

Some families have a guest room, my family had a so called 'Africa room'. It was a place for the collection of my great-grandfather Willy Klare. He was a plantation manager on a cocoa farm in a place that is now called Equatorial Guinea. In the early 20iest century he collected numerous of objects: weapons, everyday objects, taxidermy and jewelry. In addition, there were hundreds of photographs, as well as letters and postcards from that period. For more than a hundred years (four generations), my family held on to this collection, it was (re-) arranged again and again, even when we moved houses, cities.

In the DDR, where I grew up, this room was a symbol for far away places and expanse, for the freedom to travel. Africa, for me as a child, has been a place of longing - the colonial background of the artifacts in relation to my own family history, remained largely unreflected, the provenance of the objects unquestioned. After the death of my parents I was confronted with this heritage. Being a photographer, I have worked with every single object and put it into different contexts, replaced it, travelled with it, worked with it. Through my personal arrangements of the surviving objects, my sighting and curating all these photographs and documents, a book came out - a seek for a perspective and an awareness of my own colonial family heritage.

*Trigger warning: colonial documents and pictures.

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