Percival Duke - The 'Almost Classical' Concert

Sonntag, 18.09.2022 19:30 bis 21:30 The English Theatre

The 'Almost Classical' Concert
Percival Duke
A Classical Pianist. Strings.

And Percival Duke?!

Yes. Exactly.

The star of the first season of The Voice of Germany, Percival Duke, takes to the dramatic Chansons stage and breathes new life into the works of Piaf, Mercury, Knef, Legrand, Brel, The Beatles, and many more!

Percival, a Broadway veteran, proves time and time again that he, no matter which genre, is one of those rare, consummate performers of the modern stage.

Preis: 30 € bis 40 €

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Termine der Veranstaltung

Sonntag, 18.09.2022
19:30 bis 21:30 Uhr


The English Theatre
Lerchenfeld 14
22081 Hamburg - Uhlenhorst
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