Nick Gusman (USA) @Cowboy und Indianer day 1

Dienstag, 01.12.2020 21:30 Cowboy und Indianer

Cowboy und Indianer
Cowboy und Indianer

“Hello to the hard times, goodbye good times…I’ll see you ‘round” is a line from the title track of Nick Gusman’s debut Folk/Americana record, “Dear Hard Times”.
Though desperation is heard on top of the songs blunt and honest lyrics, underneath there is a wave of confidence. Taking note of inspirational artists like Dylan and Prine, Nick’s songs are chock-full of imagery, and storytelling.

The live show is something not to be missed. Country, Americana, Blues and soul. It’s all there!

Einlass: 21:30 Uhr

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Termine der Veranstaltung

Dienstag, 01.12.2020


Cowboy und Indianer
Reeperbahn 25
20359 Hamburg - St. Pauli
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