Lizard Pool

Samstag, 27.11.2021 20:30 Astra Stube

Astra Stube
Phillip Bischoff

Lizard PoolImagine a day in late summer. The first traces of decay are already written in nature. You lie under a tree, watching the clouds, thinking and dreaming.Do I exist? And if so, who? Where do I come from and where is my path taking me? Where do I belong? What makes me happy or hinders me? These are questions that can keep us up at night. LizardPool takes them on - one by one - and takes us on a journey that passes through sadness and joy, fragility and strength, depths and heights.The three musicians enchant us with sensual yet powerful sounds of hauntingly beautiful guitar riffs, melodic bass lines and framing drums. Some say Lizard Pool revives the golden age of post-punk, others say they combine "Weltschmerz" with rebellion as a modern form of dark indie. All true and at the same time only touching the surface of their soundtrack with its depth, darkness and emotion. Lizard Pool looks with one eye at the dance-floor, but always with a lowered gaze, because they prefer to dance for themselves alone, when they are not standing on the fringes in the shadows, sipping a cold drink, watching and wondering what this life, dreams and anger is all about.In recent years Lizard Pool has given numerous concerts and shared the stage with Phillip Boa, Wisborg, The Exploding Boy, Pink Turns Blue, She Past Away, Fliehde Stürme, and played at festivals such as Plage Noire, NCN and Out of Line Weekender.Links:

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Samstag, 27.11.2021


Astra Stube
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