Inner Reflections

Donnerstag, 13.10.2022 19:30 bis 21:00 TONALi Saal

Maurizio Bignone

Maurizio Bignone - Piano Solo

“Inner Reflections” is Maurizio Bignone’s new recording project, an intimate conversation with the piano, a diary full of memories and experiences, a journey into his memory and his future desires, but also thoughts on life and human relationships, on the sounds of nature and the aesthetic movements that distinguish it, a concert based on inner reflections.
A concert based on profound and spiritual inner reflections, reflections that Maurizio wants to convey to us to draw attention to the relationship between human beings and the living world around us, a relationship that is still possible even though the greed of certain men does not bode well, but Maurizio is an artist who sets no limits and his concerts become an exhortation for all of us.
The diary, however, is not only made of musical notes… in fact a real notebook in which Maurizio has written his thoughts will be part of the concert.
During his performance Maurizio will read his writings full of passion and feeling and will make the audience share his own emotions. The sound of the piano and the sound of his voice will alternate to describe his troubled inner world in relation to the outside world, an intimate and whispered dialogue. All written during the 3 months of the lockdown in Italy, while outside the air was still and time seemed suspended…

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Termine der Veranstaltung

Donnerstag, 13.10.2022
19:30 bis 21:00 Uhr


Kleiner Kielort 3-5
20144 Hamburg - Eimsbüttel
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