Albatre // thisquietarmy x N // Tremor Hex

Mittwoch, 09.11.2022 20:00 MS Stubnitz

MS Stubnitz
Henriette Pogoda

Albatre is an experimental music trio operating from Rotterdam. Their music is a joyously harrowing display of urgent bass & sax noise, skewed jazz elements, frantic but meticulous drumming and abrupt moodshifts. Albatre can be seen as part of a burgeoning micro scene of artists highlighting the crossover of improv, noise rock and jazz currently made in Holland.https://albatre.bandcamp.com & N have been labelmates on Midira Records, Consouling Sounds & Denovali Records and have crossed paths at live shows & festivals in Europe for more than 10 years! Eexpect massive drone doom ambient noise guitar fulminations.:: Tremor Hex is feedbacking drone from Hamburg City. The duo combines Super 8 and Hi8 visuals with massive bass and guitar driven soundscapes to create an encompassing audiovisual experience. The focus is clearly anti-fascist and anti-nationalist.::

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr

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Vorverkauf: 13.6

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Mittwoch, 09.11.2022


MS Stubnitz
Kirchenpauerkai 29
20457 Hamburg
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