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For mercurial L.A. music-maker WillWiesenfeld, Baths has been a long time coming. The 21-year-old has spent thebetter part of his days living amidst "pleasant" and"unremarkable" in the suburbs of the San Fernando Valley, so perhapsit's due to a general lack of local inspiration that Wiesenfeld's own work hasnever fit into a prefab box of its own. Over the last six years, under thehandle of [Post-Foetus], Wiesenfeld has gainfully explored the intersectionsand outer reaches of both electronic and acoustic music. With Baths, hiseclecticism finds its greatest focus yet, in a hail of lush melodies, ghostlychoirs, playful instrumentation and stuttering beats.
Wiesenfeld's trip began at age 4, when he willedhis parents into enrolling him in piano lessons. (The family upright, purchasedthat same year, sits in his bedroom today.) By 13, he'd begun artisting his ownmusic using Digital Performer and a MIDI keyboard - a brief, ill-advised forayinto Eurobeat that was set right when Wiesenfeld heard Bjork for the firsttime. Mind blown, he quickly boned up on viola, contrabass, and guitar and tookthe name [Post-Foetus], stringing together countless live configurations toexecute his increasingly inimitable compositions. [Post-Foetus]' fourth album -a Dntel-ish, song-based melange dubbed The Fabric - was released on Mu-Nest inJanuary.
Though Baths represents the next evolution inWiesenfeld's oeuvre - which also includes the excellent ambient project Geotic- it came together under nigh-opposite circumstances. Last September,[Post-Foetus] was invited by L.A. electronicist Daedelus to share a bill with ahandful of local Beat Music luminaries. Witnessing a burgeoning movementfirsthand sparked something in Wiesenfeld that the 'burbs never could. In a fitof inspiration, Baths was born, though not into a preexisting scene. As is tobe expected, this music goes its own way: fueled by spontaneity, tempered byWiesenfeld's background in classic songwriting. Those two influences collide inglorious ways on Cerulean, Baths' stunning debut.
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